Golden Turtle

Golden Turtle

Return To The Holy Land

JapanPosted by Tim Mon, January 11, 2016 21:56:31
This winter as so many winters before it I returned to the eastern islands where I was born and raised. At least that is what my Facebook page says and thou shall not doubt information found on the web. We need not further explore this argument and we thus move on to the main topic of this post.

It all began early in the morning of December the twentieth in the twenty-seventh year in the reign of His Majesty The Emperor Heisei. If you allow I would wish to skip that day since nothing of importance happened and move on to the following day when I arrived a sunny morning in Japan, a land full of bliss and happiness with no place for the misfortunes that ordinary men and women suffer in their daily lives.

With the wind gently stroking my hair I went to the educational institution of which I once was a proud member, but as all the wise men of history have taught nothing lasts forever and everything will meet its end. However, I met many honourable people that I am glad to be able to call my acquaintances and we exchanged words of greeting before indulging in deep conversation on topics fundamental to the very inner nature of the human experience. I was honoured to receive an invitation to see one of the highest expressions of culture, namely dance. After humbly praising the dancers' many virtues they threw candy at me.

I had the opportunity to go to the former capital and experience some of the most beautiful and noblest traditions ever created by mankind. It was with great sorrow that I left the mountain city of ancients and immortals, a place where saints reside and no evil survives.

I visited many places worthy of praise and before I knew it the New Year's celebrations had started and I visited the temple to welcome the year that was to come. Even after that I attended many events at several places but I am afraid that I will have to leave you here, and thus when my words are no longer able to reach you the reader I leave you with some of most extraordinary pictures of this time enabling you to get a deeper understanding of what occurred during these two weeks in an eastern land with so much to offer.

Japan During The Christmas Break

JapanPosted by Tim Thu, February 12, 2015 01:15:44
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As some of you know. I spent almost the entire Christmas break in Japan. Early one morning I sat down in a car and went to the airport. I first flew to Turkey and from there to Narita where I spent my first four nights.

I met a lot of friends and went to Narita-san almost every day (ten times which make it thirty in total). I also went to Tokyo several times where I also visited temples, but also maid cafes and Tokyo Sky Tree. I even visited Shimbashi which is by far my favourite bashi. Only Funabashi can offer the shadow of some competition.

I lived in Narita, Sakura and Yotsukaido. Here are some pictures by the way.


JapanPosted by Tim Sat, July 12, 2014 23:00:55
On the evening of June the 30th I went to Narita International Airport. I was actually going to Europe for a trip I did not want to make. When I came to the airport I met a lot of friends. More friends than countable by any numbers in daily use so I skip the counting since it would only confuse the reader (and the writer) to write such numbers. I was given a lot of "bye bye presents" which I was very thankful about.

After saying good bye to my friends I went on the plane after signing a few papers and doing some other stuff. I went to Dubai where I waited three boring hours for the next plane. I arrived in Sweden early next day and bought myself a new phone.

School Festival

JapanPosted by Tim Sat, July 12, 2014 00:28:46
A few weeks ago we had the yearly school festival at my school. Before the school festival everyone worked very hard to prepare for this event which every one had been looking forward to. I did a lot of the shopping needed for the preparations. "Why?", you may wonder. Why would they choose me to do the shopping. I will tell you the answer and it's simpler than you may expect. I did the shopping because I enjoy riding bikes.

Okay, enough about the preparations. What really happened during this festival. Well, each class does something different. My class had a cookie shop. Three third-grade classes had joined into one single unity fully dedicated to be the best of all classes. You may think this seems unfair because they are an alliance of three while most of the other classes had to do this alone. Anyway they made a haunted house, like those at amusement parks. I have to admit that it was very well made and even if you divide the greatness between the three classes, which would make it three times worse than it actually was, the haunted house would still be one of the top competitors for the first price. There wasn't actually any price, it's just something I write to make it easier for you the reader to understand the complexity of an event like this. The other classes had also done a very great job but I leave it to the readers imagination to dream about what experiences the festival participants experienced there.

You may now wonder what I did all the time. I went around to the places described (and also those undescribed) in the paragraph above. For the most part I went around at the festival with Nyon. The overall experience of the festival was amazing and I strongly urge anyone who may read this to attend one when you get the chance.

First Post in a Long Time

JapanPosted by Tim Thu, June 19, 2014 20:25:12
I've done some stuff lately. I've been to Nanako-Machi and Bousunomura. We had fun and I was able to shoot an awesome video. I'll post the video at the bottom of this post.

I've also been to Akihabara with Yuu and some European people. We went to a Maid Café. I almost forgot to tell you that before that I went to say good bye to some other Europeans, not in any way related to the Europeans I would later go to a maid café with. They are not with us any more. I am the last man standing and no one is yet to shoot me down. I will remain till the end of time and if I'm ever gone it won't be for long and I will be back before any one even could notice that I left.

I've also been to Sky Tree with the same Europeans who went to Akihabara with me and with Nyon. I was finally able to climb the tree which was a very nice experience. We went to the top floor 451.2 m up in the air. After that I went with Nyon to Ikea in Funabashi. Nyon had never been to Ikea before so it was really fun.

I've also been to Yokohama and some other places in Tokyo which was fun. I went there with my family from Funabashi. I also ate okonomiyaki with my Sakuranian (you get what I mean so don't complain) family.

As I promised you I will post the video here. Please share it with your friends and foes.

Bye for now, see you later.

Kanji Books

JapanPosted by Tim Thu, May 29, 2014 23:19:12
I was going home from school this evening when I went my Japanese teacher. She told me that she had a present for me. I followed her to her office and she gave me six kanji books. :D

Disney Sea

JapanPosted by Tim Thu, May 29, 2014 23:13:53
I went to Disney Sea with Rina a few days ago. Disney Sea is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world. It is the amusement park that reached the 10 million mark in the least time. It's also the most expensive amusement park ever build (over $4 billion).

Kamakura and Cat Café

JapanPosted by Tim Wed, May 21, 2014 21:57:18
I went to Kamakura with Nyon. At the station we met Terui and the guide. We also met the guide's daughter who was a 3rd year student even though she's younger than me. I didn't find this fact interesting and forgot it pretty quick and remembered it just in time to include it in this post.

So what is this mystical place called "Kamakura"? Let's start with a definition. As we do in so many other cases we now turn to the prestigious Oxford Dictionaries for a definition.

"A limbless cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins living wholly in water"

We now know the definition of "fish" so let me go on and explain what Kamakura is.

Kamakura is a place two hours by train from my home town. Kamakura is not only a place far from my home, it's also one of the few places that gives you the feeling of being surrounded mainly by temples instead of human beings. A thing that annoyed me was that there was an entrance fee on every single on of the temples including the giant Buddha statue (yes, we were able to enter inside the statue).

In the afternoon the Norwegian himself appeared on the scene. Obviously I'm writing about Finn who had the previous day been at the Norwegian embassy to celebrate the 17th of May.

I and Nyon decided to head back to where we belong (our homes) in the evening and left the others. We later, to the great surprise of the native population of some foreign, yet to be discovered continent changed our minds and went to a last temple for the day.

The day was a success in the way days became success's back in the good old days before the age of the e-book. Many amazing things happened this day and we were able to finish it of with something extraordinary which blew the minds of everyone present at the moment as well as all the future generations for centuries to come.

Let me now go on with telling you about my and Nyon's trip to a cat café in Inage yesterday. For those of you who lack the fundamental basic knowledge about cat cafés we turn once again to our friends at the Oxford Dictionaries. Unfortunately there is no definition on "cat café " to be found so we split it up into two parts.

"A small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout, and retractile claws. It is widely kept as a pet or for catching mice, and many breeds have been developed.
  • Felis catus, family Felidae (the cat family); it was probably domesticated in ancient Egypt from the local race of wildcat. The cat family also includes the ocelot, serval, margay, lynx, and the big cats"

We now have the definition of "cat" so let's go on and get the definition of "café".

"A small restaurant selling light meals and drinks."

I leave it to the reader to put the two definitions together and come up with a good conclusion. You can post your definition of "cat café" in the comments.

I can tell you this much, we met a lot of cats.

Afterwards we went and had lunch. After we had finished our meals we started studying. This may be unfamiliar with you the reader but this week is actually the first test week of this semester.

As you may or may not know depending on your educational background, it is almost impossible by any reasonable standards to study for any longer period of time before you need to take a break for taking pictures.

We went to the local game centre where we, not surprisingly found some purikuras. After a few shots we went back to the place we had originally studied at and sat down at a previously unclaimed table where we continued our studying.

The day was one of the better days even though I think the former day in this post is the one worthy to claim the title "Best Day in the Post".

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