Golden Turtle

Golden Turtle

Ueno, Zoo, Asakusa and Solamachi

JapanPosted by Tim Thu, April 03, 2014 14:26:24
I went to Tokyo with Nyon yesterday. First we went to Ueno and saw sakura. It was nice.

After that we went to the Ueno Zoo. And watched pandas and other animals. I befriended a goat.

After that we went on a boat trip.

I forgot to tell you about the giant turtle.

We went to Asakusa. We travelled around in Asakusa with a jinrikisha. After that we went to the famous temple.

We then went on to Skytree. Our original plan was to climb the 634m tall tree but the weather suggested otherwise.

Because there is no idea of climbing a tree of this hight in cloudy weather we went to Solamachi, which is the place around Skytree. Some things happened and we ended up at a exclusive restaurant at the top floor of a skyscraper. It was not exactly according to the plan but we ordered some relatively cheap food, got some free ice cream and off we went.