Golden Turtle

Golden Turtle


JapanPosted by Tim Tue, May 06, 2014 11:42:59
I went to Tokyo on Saturday. I changed train two times during the trip. When I arrived at the final station I walked to the Tokyo Olympic Centre where I spent the following two nights.

There were a lot of people who for some reason wanted to go somewhere and I was supposed to help them prepare.

On Sunday evening I became a ninja.

Around 5 o'clock in the Monday morning there was an earthquake. The magnitude was 6.2 so it was a really big one. I slept at the moment and was the only one who didn't notice it of the tens of million of people around the Tokyo area. What did succeed in waking me up was the radio which started shortly after the incident. The radio talked about an earthquake with the magnitude of 6.2. I was very sleepy at the time so I couldn't think so well. I thought it was a weather forecast and was confused because weather forecasts don't predict earthquake but accepted it and waitet for the earthquake. It didn't happen. When the rest of my brain woke up I was able to realise that it had already happened and that the mystical weather forecast was actually a report about the earthquake.