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First Post in a Long Time

JapanPosted by Tim Thu, June 19, 2014 20:25:12
I've done some stuff lately. I've been to Nanako-Machi and Bousunomura. We had fun and I was able to shoot an awesome video. I'll post the video at the bottom of this post.

I've also been to Akihabara with Yuu and some European people. We went to a Maid Café. I almost forgot to tell you that before that I went to say good bye to some other Europeans, not in any way related to the Europeans I would later go to a maid café with. They are not with us any more. I am the last man standing and no one is yet to shoot me down. I will remain till the end of time and if I'm ever gone it won't be for long and I will be back before any one even could notice that I left.

I've also been to Sky Tree with the same Europeans who went to Akihabara with me and with Nyon. I was finally able to climb the tree which was a very nice experience. We went to the top floor 451.2 m up in the air. After that I went with Nyon to Ikea in Funabashi. Nyon had never been to Ikea before so it was really fun.

I've also been to Yokohama and some other places in Tokyo which was fun. I went there with my family from Funabashi. I also ate okonomiyaki with my Sakuranian (you get what I mean so don't complain) family.

As I promised you I will post the video here. Please share it with your friends and foes.

Bye for now, see you later.