Golden Turtle

Golden Turtle


SwedenPosted by Tim Tue, August 05, 2014 03:29:30
I'm sorry that I've not been uploading for a while. I've had visitors (I still do actually) so I've not had so much time to spend to the art of writing and even less to the art of blogging. All my writing time have been spent on my diary, which I, as you may expect, write in daily.

Anyway, on the evening on the 14th of July Kohei arrived at Arlanda Airport outside of Stockholm. We drove home to me and arrived pretty late but not to late for a guided tour of the vast lands of what is now my garden.

We went to a lot of places including a lot of lakes, cities, including Norrköping, Stockholm, Finspång and Linköping, friends and some other random places tourists usually like to attend.

Here are some pictures. It ended up being one picture because I got some problem with uploading more. More pictures may come later.