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School Festival

JapanPosted by Tim Sat, July 12, 2014 00:28:46
A few weeks ago we had the yearly school festival at my school. Before the school festival everyone worked very hard to prepare for this event which every one had been looking forward to. I did a lot of the shopping needed for the preparations. "Why?", you may wonder. Why would they choose me to do the shopping. I will tell you the answer and it's simpler than you may expect. I did the shopping because I enjoy riding bikes.

Okay, enough about the preparations. What really happened during this festival. Well, each class does something different. My class had a cookie shop. Three third-grade classes had joined into one single unity fully dedicated to be the best of all classes. You may think this seems unfair because they are an alliance of three while most of the other classes had to do this alone. Anyway they made a haunted house, like those at amusement parks. I have to admit that it was very well made and even if you divide the greatness between the three classes, which would make it three times worse than it actually was, the haunted house would still be one of the top competitors for the first price. There wasn't actually any price, it's just something I write to make it easier for you the reader to understand the complexity of an event like this. The other classes had also done a very great job but I leave it to the readers imagination to dream about what experiences the festival participants experienced there.

You may now wonder what I did all the time. I went around to the places described (and also those undescribed) in the paragraph above. For the most part I went around at the festival with Nyon. The overall experience of the festival was amazing and I strongly urge anyone who may read this to attend one when you get the chance.

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Posted by Gammelsmurf Sat, July 12, 2014 20:35:36

A truly stunning story :-)