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Yuu And Midori

SwedenPosted by Tim Wed, September 03, 2014 17:47:07
Hello everyone,
Yuu and Midori came to Sweden about a month ago. I wrote a post about it but it was unfortunately I wasn't able to post it and it got deleted for all eternity. I decided to rewrite it and I'm sorry for the time it has taken.

Anyway, Yuu and Midori arrived in Sweden the first of august. We where about 1.5 hours late because the car crashed itself on the way. We finally arrived at the airport and picked them up. We went home.

During their stay here we visited Stockholm, other cities, lakes, the zoo, my grandma, and we even palyed with "ands". If you didn't understand the word in quotes it wasn't meant for you. I'm sorry but I leave you to cure your own ignorance this time.

We have a lot of fun and I will try to upload some pictures now. I hope I have more luck this time than I had with the post about Kohei.

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