Golden Turtle

Golden Turtle


SwedenPosted by Tim Wed, September 03, 2014 18:31:03
I wan't to start this post with telling you something. The problem with the photos I've been suffering with was caused by the superb quality of my camera. This blog doesn't not accept pictures over 20MP. My camera has the capacity of taking pictures in 20.7MP...

Let's move on to what I was planing to write about. School started a few weeks ago. I'm in a new class and a new school building. I got my school computer back and I'm not entirely sure which is most annoying, Windows or the Swedish keyboard. I think Windows is the most annoying of these two even if the keyboard is very annoying too. The Swedish keyboard layot is very stupid...

We have done uninteresting school stuff so I'll end this post here. Bye :P

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